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Primary Science IDEAS Instructional Model

Primary Science IDEAS is an instructional model designed to accelerate student achievement in science, reading comprehension and writing in grades K-2. The Primary Science IDEAS model was developed as an age appropriate downward extension of the grade 3-5 Science IDEAS Model as an interdisciplinary, knowledge-based model, Primary Science IDEAS integrates reading comprehension and writing within daily, 45 minute instructional blocks focusing on age-appropriate in-depth science instruction that complements traditional reading/language arts instruction.

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In grades K-2, Primary Science IDEAS students engage in a variety of age-appropriate, NGSS-oriented hands-on, reading comprehension, writing/journaling, and concept mapping activities, all of which focus on the science concepts to be learned. Implemented through a multi-day lesson structure, these concept-focused activities build student in-depth understanding of core science concepts, while improving their ability to read with comprehension and, through writing and concept mapping, to represent the cumulative conceptual knowledge they have gained.


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